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Learning Mental Health


On Thursday 17th of January, I attended the first of a number of training courses I plan on attending focusing on a critical issue in the modern world - Mental Health.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from the course if I’m honest, and listening to experiences and stories of how mental health issues can affect even the most basic of daily tasks was a real eye-opener.

I will be changing my approach to how I deal with people who don’t seem themselves. My outlook on peoples well-being has changed and I now believe it will help me continue my personal development into management. How I will handle situations in and out of the workplace will now be treated with extra care, bearing in mind people’s mental health towards different situations.

From just one session, I have found the message behind the overall course to be a revelation. For something I was aware of and had little knowledge of – I now feel deeply invested in championing mental health to all. I plan to attend the “mental health in the workplace” course next working towards becoming a Mental Health Champion for Mane. In the long term, I aim to be in the position to be able to deliver talks on the subject to our site teams and internal staff.

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